The health care landscape in New Jersey is changing:

New Jerseyans continue to struggle every day with the cost of rising health care. Their premium and out-of-pocket costs go up, but they do not feel they are receiving better quality of care. More tests and procedures are done, more bills are sent, but better outcomes are not created. This is despite the fact that hospitals are consolidating and forming new partnerships, technology and data are altering how care is delivered, and new procedures are being introduced as the next great breakthrough. High-tech sensors will provide at-home monitoring of patients’ hearts, while new technologies will allow for full body scans that can check for a variety of symptoms without actually poking or intruding patients, all in a matter of seconds. [1] But despite these miraculous advances, residents and businesses are still faced with an inefficient, costly and difficult to navigate health care system that results in high insurance premiums.

Better Choices, Better Care NJ is committed to examining and harnessing the changing health care landscape to create the best outcomes possible for New Jersey.  Below, you will find links that discuss the high cost of health care in New Jersey, how new innovations, like patient centered care, can change the system, and why New Jersey needs it.

Also, we want to hear about how the current health care landscape in New Jersey is impacting you.  Are you being overburdened by costs or spending too much undergoing tests and procedures?  Please take advantage of the various opportunities to tell us your story.