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Change Healthcare Study Finds Value-Based Care Bending the Cost Curve

June 18, 2018 | Change Healthcare  National survey of 120 payers reveals value-based models bending the cost curve, commercial lines of business leading the way, episodes outperforming, and decline of pure fee-for-service accelerating. SAN DIEGO /PRNewswire/ — AHIP Institute & Expo—Booth #301—Value-based care is bending the healthcare cost curve, reducing unnecessary medical costs 5.6% on average while […]

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FDA Recommits to Patient-Centered Care, Patient Access to Care

June 14, 2018 | Sara Heath  FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb issued two statements reaffirming the agency’s commitment to patient-centered care, medication access, and value-based care. The FDA is continuing its efforts for patient-centered care, releasing two separate statements focused on incorporating patient voice into medical product development and improving patient access to affordable drugs. The […]

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Governor signs nation’s strongest law on ‘surprise’ medical bills

June 04, 2018 | Lilo H. Stainton  Doctors remained deeply concerned that law will weaken their negotiating power with insurance carriers, cost them money Advocates for patients, senior citizens, labor unions, and businesses hailed Gov. Phil Murphy’s signing of a complex and controversial measure designed to curb the impact of costly “surprise” medical bills in […]

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State groups laud health insurance laws

May 31, 2018 | Vince Calio State health care groups applauded a pair of health insurance bills signed into law by Gov. Phil Murphy. Assembly Bill 3380, signed Wednesday, restores the individual mandate in the state, which penalizes individuals who do not have health insurance, thus spreading risk and reducing pricing volatility in the individual market. […]

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Murphy signs law to create NJ’s own health insurance mandate

June 01, 2018 | Lilo H. Stainton  In effort to stabilize health insurance market and ensure coverage remains affordable, NJ becomes second state to creates its own individual mandate Healthcare policy experts, business leaders, and patient advocates praised Gov. Phil Murphy’s endorsement of a state requirement that residents obtain medical insurance or face a fine, […]

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Phil Murphy reinstates Obamacare mandate for ’19

May 31, 2018 | Michael L. Diamond Gov. Phil Murphy signed a bill Wednesday to require most New Jerseyans to be covered by health insurance or pay a penalty, restoring a key provision of Obamacare. Murphy also signed a bill to create a reinsurance program to help insurers pay for high-risk consumers. “Protecting the viability […]

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