What is the Hongkong Prize?

hongkong prize

The hongkong prize is a non-governmental merit-based award that recognizes scientific research with a global impact. It attracts thousands of applicants each year, and the winner receives a cash prize and other benefits. The prize also helps promote research in Hong Kong, and the winner has access to the city’s research facilities. Those interested in applying for the hongkong prize should visit the official website and contact a representative to see whether their work is eligible.

The Society for Hong Kong Studies has been awarding the hongkong prize since 1959. It is one of the most prestigious awards in Asia, and it honors writers who have contributed to the study of Hong Kong. It has been awarded to books in a number of languages, including English, French, and German. This makes the hongkong prize unique in the world, and it has become a great way to increase awareness of Hong Kong and Asia.

This year’s HK Prize 2022 winner was Allan Wong, whose thesis examined how colonial officials tried to preserve and promote Chinese culture through language policies, entertainment, and postage stamps. The judging panel praised his research, which shows that Hong Kong is a place where the past and present collide. Allan completed his BA and MPhil in History at the University of Hong Kong, and he is currently a PhD candidate.

Besides the monetary prize, hk prize winners get shopping vouchers and F&B perks, which make it an attractive competition for many people. However, you must read the competition’s guidelines carefully before submitting an entry. It is important to follow the rules and regulations, especially if you’re new to the game.

In order to participate in the HK Prize, students must be nominated by their teachers. They can then submit up to three artworks online before the deadline. The HK Prize committee will select the winning works and announce them at an award ceremony. The winner will be a student who has demonstrated a high level of creativity and technical skills in their work.

The hongkong prize is one of the most prestigious science and technology awards in Asia, and it attracts thousands of scientists each year. It has been around for over 40 years, and it is designed to encourage more scientists to conduct research in Hong Kong. It is a non-governmental, merit-based award, and the winners are given a cash prize, an official certificate, and access to Hong Kong’s research facilities. The hongkong prize is a wonderful way to celebrate the achievements of scientists and to encourage more scientific innovation in Hong Kong. The hongkong prize is ranked the fourth-most prestigious science and technology award in the world, and it is the only Asian award that offers the highest cash prize to scientists. It is also a popular competition among young students and academics. Its rules and procedures are rigorous, and the judging panel is independent of sponsorship and ad hoc committees. Moreover, the judging process is free of conflicts of interest and bias.